We produce biodynamic wines relying on the wisdom of our ancestors. We avoid the use of chemicals, as well in the vineyard as in the cellar.



Our family winery was established by Stanislav Rudolfský in 2002. His son Lukáš took over his duties in 2005, to lead the restoration of the glory of viticulture in Kutná Hora. 

The tradition dates back to the early 12th century and a legend tells us that it was a vineyard-working monk called Dominik who first found silver, the resource which would soon establish Kutná Hora´s European significance.

Pinot Noir is the dominant grape, widespread in the Czech lands centuries ago thanks to the Emperor Charles IV. still thrives here today.

We farm about 80 hectares of land, more than a half are vineyards, the rest are sheep pastures, orchards, and fields. Our objective is to create independent estate, producing top quality organic products. 



Biodynamic wines


We grow wines without causing harm to the environment. Health of the plants is aided by herbal extracts which we produce ourselves. We follow the rules of permaculture, take lunar phase into account, and benefit from the use of biodynamic preparations. 

We avoid the use of chemical products. Our activities improve the quality of the soil. We cultivate the land to make it more varied and healthier, preserving it for future generations.  

We are certified organic and on top of that, we are the only winery in the Czech Republic to carry the prestigious DEMETER label of biodynamic agriculture. Discover more about biodynamics at biodynamika.info.


We let things happen naturally. Our wines ferment spontaneously without added yeast. We work with fine lees to protect and heal the wines, while avoiding sulphur to prevent you from having a headache.

Our wines age in stainless steels tanks or French oak barrels of the finest quality. White wines are bottled after a gentle filtration, while red wines are usually bottled unfiltered. 

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