We produce biodynamic wines which production process origins in wisdom of our ancestors. We don’t use chemicals either in the vineyard or in the cellar.


Our family winery was founded by Mr. Stanislav Rudolfský in 2002. In 2005, his son Lukáš took over the management of the winery and he does so until today.

Together they began to restore the once famous wine making tradition in the area of Kutná Hora. The history of wine making in this area goes back to 12th century. There is a legend about the discovery of silver in Kutná Hora which says that a monk called Dominik tripped over a silver bar while working in the vineyard.

The most significant wine variety in this area is Pinot Noir, which was brought here by the Czech emperor Charles IV. Pinot Noir is thriving in this area up to this day.

Today, we cultivate more than 80 hectars of land, of which 54 ha is made by the vineyard. We are the second biggest winery in Czechia. Our vineyards are to be found on U Všech svatých, Pod Barborou, Nad Kapličkou, U Borku and Na Příčce.

The remaining land are grasslands for sheep, orchards and fields. Our goal is to create a self-sufficient farm with organic products of the highest quality.

Biodynamic wines


The vine is grown in an optimal quantity in order not to harm our environment. While producing wine, we take good care of our soil, improve its quality and restore its original vitality. We cultivate our landscape, make it more diverse and healthier and therefore save it for next generations.

We don’t use any chemicals to support our vine plants. To fertilize our plants, we use home-made plant infusions. We observe the principles of permaculture, work in accordance with the moon phases and use only biodynamic preparations such as cow horn etc.

Our farm is certified with BIO stamp and we are the only winery in the Czech Republic and Slovakia which is certified by DEMETER, a prestigious biodynamic certification. You can find more about biodynamic approach to agriculture on biodynamika.info.


In our cellar, we also value the principles of nature. The grape musts ferment spontaneously without artificial yeast and controlled fermentation. We work with light dregs and sediments which protect the wine and make it possible to add less Sulphur. This also prevents headaches.

The wine matures in stainless vessels or barrels of the highest quality supplied by French barrel makers.

White wine is bottled after gentle filtration in kieselgur filters which helps the wine to maintain its health benefits.

Red wine is bottled after spontaneous sedimentation, without filtrating it.